Knowing More About Hemp Cultivation

Hemp flower is a sister plant of what we often call "marijuana". Its history and usage dates far back since the Stone Age. Hemp impressions were presumably found in China and Taiwan dating back over 10,000 years ago. These ancient Asians used the plants fiber to make household products such as clothing, rope and sometimes paper. Paper is one of the greatest inventions of the Chinese and hemp was the very first material used to manufacture them. Visit this site to get started.

In previous centuries, hemp was one of the most common products used for the creation of clothing. It was often popular to the lower class citizens of Europe. The conventional European hemp was not used as drug due to its low narcotic content. It was also not very addictive. This made the plant hugely favored and was cultivated extensively for its fiber content.

Spanish settlers are credited for introducing hemp to the Americas as they started cultivating them in huge amounts in their colonies. The cultivation of this plant spread to other new world settlements. In New England, the Puritans were the first know cultivators of this plant. It was a hugely popular product and was massively valuable commodity, used for clothing and more importantly as a material needed for many industries- Rope. Invention of artificial and synthetic fibers contributed to the decline in the demand. Hemp was mostly affected, however, by the invention of steam and diesel engines which decreased the usage of roping material for ships which happened simultaneously with the decline of sailing ships.

In recent times, hemp has been used due to the discovery of its narcotic effects. Hemp oil is now known to be rich in several nutrients required by our bodies. These are namely Omega 6 and 3, essential fatty acids and amino acids. Many people are still hesitant on its use, due mainly to the fact that it contains tetrahydrocannabinol. However, compared to cannabis plants, the amount is only minuscule and has hardly any psychological effect. Click here to learn more.

Hemp oil has been credited with several properties that makes it great as skin care product. Hemp is usable to every skin type. It will not trigger adverse reactions. Hemp oil is great with many skin types. It is also good for those suffering from skin irritation, rashes, and other skin problems. It alleviates these symptoms and can be used to those people with acne, psoriasis and dermatitis. Hemp oil have fatty acids that allow it to be an effective moisturizer. It has also been used in a lot of hair conditioning and shampoo products.

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Knowing More About Hemp Cultivation
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